Higher. Faster. Further.

High dynamic performance with a high material removal rate, impressive acceleration rates and uncompromising coverage of any lengths with standardised widths. Thanks to its modular design and the trendsetting milling head, the AERO25V sets new standards in the aerospace industry and boasts outstanding productivity and repeatability. Whether it is a matter of manufacturing landing gear struts, structural parts, wing elements or other components – our new vertical machine is the very definition of the state of the art and is geared entirely to meet very specific requirements: yours.

The milling head: high dynamic performance and high material removal rate.

The direct-driven two-axis NC head UB-MS 20 has a motorspindle and power of 60 kW (S1) or 80 kW (S6) at 24,000 rpm, but weighs only 560 kg. In combination with its simultaneous five-axis capability, acceleration of 5 m/s2 and a traverse speed of 20 m/min in operation, it achieves exceptional dynamic performance together with a high material removal rate. The swivelling angles are ±100 degrees in A, and ±360 degrees in C – with remarkably good repeatability of 0.0014 degrees.

The table: enormous flexibility.

The AERO product line offers you machines in three table widths: 2,000 mm, 2,500 mm and 3,000 mm. Any required lengths can be produced in these standardised dimensions. The specific load of the table is five tonnes per square metre.

New clamping concept: increased productivity.

Our intelligent clamping system brings the process of machining structural parts to a new level. It significantly reduces the length of time needed for machining, thereby giving a measurable boost to productivity.

The benefits for you.

  • Outstanding dynamics in combination with a holistic approach to the entire process
  • High material removal rate
  • Reduced machining time
  • Lower energy consumption per produced part thanks to comprehensive weight optimisation
  • Positioning in the same price segment as the competition despite the higher material removal rate and better productivity

Tech specs

Cockpit and engine.

UB-MS 20 NC head
Power:60 kW (S1) or 80 kW (S6)
Weight:560 kg
Rotational speed:24.000 min-1
Swivelling angle:±100 degrees in A, ±360 degrees in C
Repeatability:0.0014 degrees
Table dimensions:2.000 mm, 2.500 mm or 3.000 mm
Travel, y-axis:2.200 mm, 2.700 mm or 3.200 mm
Load per m2:5 t
Extension:as required in 1,000 mm steps


Your space station.

Thanks to the modular concept of the AERO25V, there are virtually no limits to what you can do: the sophi- sticated design of the machine bed and the x-axis enable the machine to be extended in 1,000 mm steps. Two linear guides in the x-axis on each side ensure synchronous movement without displacement of the cross-rail. The y-axis has a travel of 2,700 mm. Other travel distances of 3,200 mm and 2,200 mm are also possible with a table width of 3,000 mm or 2,000 mm respectively.

A future made to measure.

We can devise a customised concept specifically to suit your needs, depending on the application. We can implement different scaling in both the x-axis and the y-axis, and can implement different milling heads. Control systems are available from either Siemens or Heidenhain.


Your ground control.

When it comes to service, too, you can rely on our pioneering spirit. We are ready to support you with an innovative three-stage concept that provides you with the maximum of individualised care.


Monitoring with autinity® CMS.

The aim in any production process is to maximise efficiency with no machine downtimes. Using the integrated condition monitoring system we constantly record and monitor the condition of the machine. This enables us to respond whenever necessary and instigate targeted optimisations. The clear advantages: you don’t lose any time, you maintain and even increase machine efficiency and protect yourself against unwanted consequential costs.


Remote maintenance via augmented automation.

This service, too, differentiates us clearly from the rest. If anything is out of order, your employees put on a pair of smart data glasses, which allow remote maintenance to be performed quickly and easily: experienced experts at our central service centre see exactly what your employees are seeing and help them to carry out the neces- sary repair and maintenance work safely and without worrying that they might be doing something wrong.


Local service.

Should it become necessary, your individual ground control will also happily come to you personally and carry out all the necessary service work on site. Our specialists identify every possible source of trouble, find an appropriate solution – and get your machine back on track.

A real highflier.

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